Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ledge Point to Joondalup (north of Perth) – 190km (6 days)

Ledge Point is a lovely, little place about 100km from Perth.  It’s apparently one of the up and coming development locations, and has grown quite a bit of late.  The Caravan Park is very new, and runs to the whole Resort style thing.  Holiday homes, cabins, playgrounds, pool etc.  Nice and friendly though.  The place needs more trees, but that near the coast it’s not easy.  Sites are good sized.

We spent three days at Ledge Point, checking out the local area as well as Lancelin just up the coast.  Nice spot.

Left there on Saturday to move into a Joondalup property that we are looking after for ten days.  We have a large dog and two cats inhabiting the place, which is making life interesting.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Geraldton to Ledge Point – 588km – 6 nights

Spent 5 days in Geraldton at the Sunset Beach Caravan Park.  Saw the local sights, e.g. HMAS Sydney II Memorial, the Mid Western Museum, out to Ellendale Pool (reconnaissance for free camping) and a wander out through the local countryside.

The Memorial is very well done and has fantastic placement, looking out over Geraldton and the sea.  When we went to the Museum, I thought I was having a déjà vu moment, because I was sure that we’d seen a lot of the exhibits before.  It turned out that the Museum was opened in late 2000, which was a good six months after we left Geraldton and headed East.  BUT, a lot of the exhibits had been on display in Fremantle – which is where we saw them.  Thank God!  I thought I was losing the plot!!

The car went in on Monday so that the brakes and shockies could be checked.  Turns out there was nothing needed.  Brakes and shockies were both fine – but there was some scratching on the inside of the wheel rim, indicating that we might have been carrying a piece of wire around for a few days.  All that hassle for nothing, but it’s nice to know that all is well.

We said good-bye to Geraldton on Tuesday, and headed for Waddi Farm Resort.  It was a bit of a disappointment really, looked very tired.  There is a lot of potential in the place, but it needs a lot of work

  View along Sunset BeachHMAS Sydney II MemorialHMAS Sydney II Memorial - Wall of Names

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cliff Head North to Geraldton - 129km

Drove to Geraldton through Port Denison and Dongara.  Both these places have grown hugely since we left the area in 2000.  Geraldton itself is almost unrecognisable.  We got lost three times, trying to get to Geraldton 4WD, and then to Sunset Beach Caravan Park where we will stay until next Tuesday.  The car is booked in on Monday to check the rear brakes and suspension.  Hopefully the damage will not cost too much.

We did a quick run around town to re-familiarise ourselves, and then had fish and chips on the seashore for lunch.

Sunset Beach Caravan Park, Geraldton