Monday, 20 December 2010


Our next major post will be from Samford Valley, where we are house-sitting.  We're here until about 3 January, so we'll do an interim post of some of the photos.
It's all good stuff!!!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

18–20 November 2010 Kalbar Showgrounds KOG Christmas

It’s time for the annual Kedron Owners Group Christmas Gathering.  This is the first one Rick & I have been too, and it was really well organised by Margaret & Lionel.  Even the weather co-operated, raining heavily before most people got there, but then settling to fine during the weekend.

The gathering was well attended and everyone had a ball.  The games that were played during Happy Hour were very entertaining, and lots of fun.

Dinner was cooked and presented beautifully by the ladies and gentlemen of the Kalbar Show Society.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

15–17 November 2010 Goomburra Valley Camp Ground

Once again Debbie and Andy have made us very welcome, and we thoroughly enjoyed stay here.  It is a lovely environment, and was very quiet for the three days we were there.  No TV, no phones, no Internet, no motor-bikes, very few cars – all adds up to peace and quiet!!  Very little to disturb the birds.

The creek is looking really healthy, there are even fish breeding in it (not that we actually saw any!).  We had some heavy rain on the last night – it made a BIG difference to the creek – all of a sudden it was running fast and silty!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

12–14 November 2010 Samford Valley Showgrounds

The 3 days spent here was really nice.  We were able to catch up with Deborah and Peter, our next house-sit.  They invited us over for a lovely BBQ which enabled us to meet their 3 daughters, as well as the neighbours who will be able to provide assistance if needed.2010-11-14

We also had the opportunity to watch Jaime, the youngest daughter, perform in her dressage testing with her horse Rocky.  She did very well and was extremely happy with her results.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

5–11 November 2010 Standown Park

The last time we were at Standown was in August 2010.  We were there for Long Tan Day (otherwise known as Vietnam Veterans Day).

The main reason we went this time was IMGP2687to look at the ‘Mungrill’ – Rod’s version of the 9kg gas-bottle camp cooker.  The construction of this little beauty is very good and it’s both strong and compact.  It has a real advantage in being able to be used with a gas ring as well as lighting a fire in it.

When dismantled, all the pieces fit together nicely, and it easily packs into a milk-crate.

While we were there, we also celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, and the 37th anniversary of the date we met.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

3–4 November 2010 Lawnton Showgrounds

Back to the city yet again!  While we were staying at Maleny Showgrounds (during the first big wet) the 240v power decided to give up the ghost.  We managed to find a local electrician who could actually come out and look at the system that day (how extra-ordinary!) who told us that we had one “dud” internal circuit which kept blowing the safety switch.  Because we were looking after the property at Booroobin for two weeks that was not really a problem, but it’s now time to get it fixed.

Took the van into Kedron so that Tom’s contract electrician could check it out and fix it.  Surprise, surprise, he could find nothing wrong with it at all.  The whole system worked fine!!!

After a lot of fiddling and farting around, they discovered that there was loose wire at the bottom end of the transformer which was causing all the drama.  We were not charged for the time taken for trouble-shooting nor for fixing the errant wire properly.  Our thanks go once again to David and Tom at Kedron for looking after us so well.

Wheee!  Tomorrow we can head north to Standown Park.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

12 October–2 November 2010–Booroobin

This is a really lovely spot to stay for a couple of weeks.  The house is solar powered and self-sufficient of the power grid.  There is a combustion stove for water heating and cooking, but there is the  back up of gas for both.  All water is caught and stored on the property.  We are looking after three dogs (Jazz, Xylon & Philo), four horses (Sarah, Red, Razz and Thistle) and two goldfish who I don’t believe have names.
There is also heaps of birdlife, snakes, lizards, little mammals and large huntsman spiders.  I CAN DO WITHOUT THE SPIDERS.  Rick had an incident in the shower with two of the huntsmans  - at the same time (thong to the rescue!) and I’ve been forced to levitate backwards after confronting another two.  The dogs all love chasing little skinks, and have also been responsible for the death of what we thought initially was a possum.  After another sighting of the same type of critter further along the road, we are now not sure quite what it was.
28 Oct …..Three of the horses are really good-natured and well-behaved.  Unfortunately, Sarah has a severe case of ATTITUDE.  All 4 broke into the home paddock early yesterday, and Sarah then decided to take it one step further and head into the orchard.  In my attempt to move her out, and back into her own paddock, the bitch whipped around and BIT ME!!!  All I saw was a bloody big set of teeth and then a searing pain in my chest.  I now have a huge bruise and very stiff pectoral muscles.  I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a bit head-shy and also considers herself leader of the pack.  She didn’t lose it until I got near her head and was about to step in front of her.  Finally however, we got them all back into the right place and then I went and did serious work with an ice pack.
Rick has been doing sterling duty on the property, pruning and burning off (as he just loves to do).  He’s also managed to move the van rear bumper out further, so we can accommodate a poly pipe carrier for annex poles.
We took a drive out to Lake Baroon.  It’s not a large dam, but very pretty.  It supplies Maroochydore with water, as well as the Maleny – Montville area.
29 Oct ….. I paid a visit to the local hospital this morning (Maleny Soldiers Memorial) because the bruising on my chest is still growing and looks dreadful.  I have to keep on icing it and keep resting, as there can be a significant risk of infection.  I’ll take a pass on that!
31 Oct …. Last night was the Chicago concert at the Brisbane River Stage.  It was fantastic – but way too short.  Peter Frampton came on first and did an entertaining 45 minutes, then America (Horse with No Name, Ventura Highway) for an hour.  And then, the highlight of the night, Chicago came on.  I have been a hot fan of Chicago since mid 1970 (about a year after the release of their first album Chicago Transit Authority.  When I met Rick in late 1973, I converted him as well.  Neither of us have ever lost the feelings that Chicago’s music inspires and have been to all the live concerts in Australia (not enough – only three).  This one here in Brisbane, even though it was way too short, was by far the best.  On stage for just over an hour is not enough, and the bulk of the crowd felt the same way.   Brian Wilson (Beach-Boys) was due on after Chicago and many people, including ourselves, left before he came on stage.  Would much rather have Chicago on stage than Brian Wilson any day.
1 Nov …..Today, the fertiliser hit the fan in a big way.  The farrier came to do the horses’ feet, along with Rod, the neighbour.  NOTE: Rod & Liz live down the road and are fantastic neighbours and friends.  Even though we’ve known them for only two weeks, they have provided un-ending help and support when having problems with Sarah.  Rod decided to work on Sarah first and got her out of the paddock while the farrier set up.  He held her by the head-rope while the farrier got to work.  She was nicely relaxed and co-operative while her forefoot was done, and then the farrier moved to the rear.  For the space of maybe a minute, she was fine – and then all hell broke loose.  The change was instantaneous, from a nicely settled horse to a devil bitch.  She lunged at the farrier with her teeth, and when she couldn’t reach him, she whipped around and kicked him.  He took both hooves in the belly, and fell back, hitting the rim of his ute.  Unfortunately, his kidneys took the brunt of the fall.  When he could breathe again, we convinced him that he should go to the hospital and get checked out.  The poor man was in agony and Rod loaded him gently into the ute and took him off.  We heard later that the hospital suspected a cracked or broken rib.  And after her little ‘spack’ attack, Sarah was fine and relaxed again???  Can’t work it out.
Vivienne and Peter got home a couple of hours later.  They had a great time while in Japan, but ran into family problems when they got to the airport.  Then they had to face the issue of Sarah when they arrived home.  Very distressing day for them.  They are a lovely couple, and we hope to stay in touch with them.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

11–12 October 2010–Maleny Showgrounds

After the drive from Kenilworth and taking photos of the Mary River in flood near Conondale, we camped at the Maleny Showgrounds in what we hoped was a spot sheltered a little bit from the wind and the rain.  Unfortunately, no such luck.  By next morning parts of the area where six inches under water just due to the rain.  After splashing about for a while we decided to move to another area of the showgrounds – closer to the creek, but ironically drier than the first spot.  then we discovered that we had 240v power problem.  Every time we plugged the 240v lead into the input port, the safety breaker blew.  Oh great!!  After a couple of phone calls to Tom at Kedron we contacted a local electrician who, quite amazingly was able to come that afternoon.  Some $95 later, he advised that there was a short in one of the van circuits. – on the load side of the circuit breaker.  I could have told him that!!  The upshot is that we’ve got to take the van into Kedron on 4/11 to get an electrician (presumably one who knows the interior layout of the vans) to fix it.

After all that fluffing about, we contacted Peter at Booroobin (our next house-sit) and he invited us to come up there early.  Beauty – now we can get a feel for the place over a couple of days, before they head off to Japan on Saturday.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

8–10 October 2010–Kenilworth Showgrounds


“The rain storm started with a deluge at 3.00am on Friday 8th October and ended at 10.30pm on Monday 11th – just over three and a half days of continuous precipitation amounting to 454.6mm.

Total rainfall to date for October is 471.6mm. This is the highest maximum rainfall ever recorded at Maleny over the past 117 years. The average for the month is 102 mm.”

Extract taken from  12/10/2010

I have never seen this amount of rain – anywhere!!  It started overnight the first night we spent in Kenilworth.  The creek through the showgrounds came up – and went down again – and then came up again!!  As we were the site closest to the creek I kept a really close eye on it, but it would have taken a huge amount to overflow the banks.  All in all it was a somewhat soggy weekend – but it was Bathurst weekend, so it didn’t really matter.