Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lake Eacham - Cattle

Carol the bread-eater

Mistress Piggy

Mrs Black

Lake Eacham - Poultry

Evening mayhem as everyone tries to get settled

Tom Tom the turkey

Tom Tom in full display

A trio of trouble

Still trying to settle

Junior ducks - troublemakers all!!

A nice shady spot

Babies - chickens, turkey and duck

Twisty - his beak is all askew, got trodden on as a youngster.  Not the brightest of birds!

Young turkey and duckling

Turkey with lunch

Junior rooster - this guy thinks the female ducks are fair game!!

Lake Eacham - Dogs

Olive & Roger on their mat inside
Olive & Roger on their mat inside

Roger is such a fool, he's only a year old, and still very much a puppy

Olive in the kennel

Both dogs spark out under the van - too hot to move!!

Lake Eacham Housesit start Dec 2012

So, here we are, 12 days from leaving Lake Eacham.  The sit has been very good.  OK, we had  couple of minor problems initially with pumping water from the creek (because of the great lack of rain!!), but they were sorted, and we settled in to enjoy the dogs, turkeys, ducks and chooks.  Eggs initially were a little on the low side - but now we're struggling to keep up.  Omelettes, scrambled, egg pie etc.  But they are lovely.  Both the ducks and chooks are laying, well, I don't think the turkeys are (I wouldn't recognise a turkey egg if it bit me!) and there is such a difference in flavours between these and store bought.
We're looking after both adults and babies in all breeds, and watching them get around the garden is such a laugh.
Roger (Dane x Mastiff) and Olive (Ridge back x) are beautifully natured dogs.  They're big and can be boisterous, but are also generally well behaved.  They are very easy to look after.
There are also three elderly cows here - a gray Brahmin and a couple of Hereford crosses.  All 3 of them are as fat as barrels, and no problem at all.  The Brahmin (we've called her Carol - Carol the Cow), just loves her couple of pieces of bread per day, and Rick gives her a good scratching on the forehead when bread is served.  The other two are a little shyer - the brown Hereford (Mistress Piggy), will very occasionally come over to sniff our fingers and if we're very lucky, a quick lick, but the black Hereford (Mrs Black of course), wont come anywhere near.
Gemma and Dan also have a few fruit trees.  The Lychee tree wasn't far off being ripe and I was hanging out for a feast, but some nasty, rotten little local critter stripped most of the fruit from the tree the night before we checked it.  Seriously, seriously irritated!!!!  We've made up for it though with passion fruit.  We're having it every night, and some mornings with breakfast.  Some will be frozen, and I made a batch of passion fruit scones.  Just as well they keep well.
We leave here on 19 January and hope to make it to 6 Mile Country Retreat near Toowoomba by Australia Day.  Haven't yet decided whether to drive down via the Bruce Highway or to go inland.  It all depends on the weather.  Can't really make a decision until that week.  The reason for the visit is to join a group of like-minded friends (Kedron, Spinifex and Bushtracker owners) celebrating the Long Weekend.