Sunday, 20 February 2011

Flanagan Reserve Bush Camping 14 February to 20 February 2011

This is the first time we’ve been to Flanagan Reserve.  It’s a really lovely spot on the Logan River, near Rathdowney, at the foot of Mount Maroon.  From Monday through to Thursday, it was quiet and peaceful and the weather was good, except for the usual late afternoon showers.  It’s certainly a place I would go back to.




We enjoyed the river and the local critters, birds, Lace Monitors (some of whom were quite large) and POSSUMS, who made themselves quite at home on the awning, top of the van and window sills!  We sat outside after nightfall, watching them while they scuffled around and looked for food.  Unfortunately, one of the little buggers decided that my toes looked edible, and took a bite.  CHEEKY!!!!  I woke up at some stage on the first night, to find a possum sitting on my window sill, staring inside at me.  I don’t know who was more startled – me or the possum??



Although the place has no power, the generator was more than capable of firing up the washing machine to clear out the back log.  We were able to refill the water tanks using the taps attached to the toilet block.  Bit messy – tap > 20lt water bottle > pump > tank, but it works and we were refilled.

On the Tuesday, we had a drive along the Lions Road towards Kyogle.  We didn’t go the full way there, but stopped about two thirds of the way, and then came back the same way.  It is lovely country, especially once into the Border Ranges National Park in NSW.


While we were out, Rick got a text message from OPSM at Beenleigh saying that his new glasses were ready for pick-up.  It’s all in the timing!!!  We tried to get them sent to Beaudesert, but after much fluffing about, decided it was simpler to drive back to Beenleigh and pick them up.  At least it gave the truck a run and charged up the batteries.

Then came the weekend.  We’d been warned that it could  be quite busy so were expecting it???  Boy did the peace get broken!  Every body had lots of fun – especially the children in the river.  I didn’t envy the parents, especially those in large groups.  They had to count noses every 5 minutes just to make sure nobody was missing or underwater.  They were all very friendly, and we found quite a few people to talk to.  It got quite hot over the weekend too, and with no power to run the air-con, the poor little box fan took quite a beating (we can run that from the inverter).


On Monday after breakfast, we slowly packed up and headed for Kalbar Showgrounds.


Sunday, 13 February 2011

19 January to 13 February 2011 Buccan

This sit has been lovely.  The area is generally very quiet, the property is just lovely and the 2 cats – Chinta and Binnie are very interesting little characters.  The owners – Sue & Chris have headed north to Burrum Heads for a little fishing and R & R.


The weather has been very hot, which has inhibited a lot of outdoor activity, but we kept ourselves busy by getting some jobs done on the car, van and himself.  Especially the much delayed hearing test.  Fortunately, there is only a small change in Rick’s hearing, but a new hearing aid has been ordered for his worst ear because the other one died.  We got both the car & van serviced – both with mobile services who were very good and did not charge like wounded bulls!

The most entertaining job of the sit has been looking after the cats.  Chinta is Siamese – when she wants something, she’s a real sweetie and very affectionate.  When that need has been served (FOOD) it’s a whole different story.  She is mistress of all she surveys and as the princess, what she says goes!  Binnie is a big ginger cat.  He was given his name when he was found as a two day old kitten, in a rubbish bin.  He is very affectionate, and just loves attention.  He likes to follow you around the garden, wanting to know what is going on.  Unfortunately, the two cats do not get on at all.  Chinta is scared of Binnie, and Binnie hates the fact that she can go in the house and he can’t.  Even though he has been neutered, he still sprays everywhere and leaves a real mess.

Watching and interacting with these two has been a delight.


A little later

Sue & Chris had invited us to return at the end of March for a 10 week sit while they went to South Australia for the King George Whiting.  Unfortunately, they have decided to cancel their trip and sell the house and probably also the caravan.  Disappointing, because we had been looking forward to going back and had also arranged several appointments during that period.  Oh well – these things happen.  We will find something else to do and somewhere else to go.  Possibly NSW?