Saturday, 10 December 2011

Warrnambool, Vic to Daylesford, Vic

Following along the Great Ocean Road through Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles, we were amazed at how many overseas tourists were around the place. It is certainly popular.

We stopped at several locations leading up to the Twelve Apostles, taking lots of photos.  The area certainly has changed since we first took the trip back in the 1980’s.  Then, there was very little signage, no fencing, no safety regulations – and WOW – that visitor’s centre is certainly impressive.

We had initially contemplated staying at Apollo Bay, but found a free camp at Johanna Beach.  It is a lovely spot, and very popular with surfers.  It is the backup spot when Bell’s Beach is no good.  Couple of days there was just perfect.  The campground wasn’t too crowded and it is well taken care of by the ranger.  Apparently the property was left to the NPWS in the original owners Will, on the grounds that it would remain free for camping.  Must say, the NPWS have taken the intent seriously and do a good job of looking after the place.

From there we drove north to Colac.  We had planned to spend a couple of days at Meredith Park (another free camp), on the northern side of Lake Colac, but the storm that hit – and continued next day – was so strong that the van was shaking.  Bugger that for a game of soldiers!!!!  On to Daylesford.

The Daylesford Victoria Caravan Park is actually located next to the showgrounds, where a Highland Festival was to be held on the coming weekend.  Whooppee!!!  Men in Kilts!  My favourite watching pastime!

We went out to Glenlyon to check in with Gilly at Adsum Farmhouse, our next house-sit.  Two dogs, five hens and a bantam rooster and three Suffolk sheep.  Vegie garden and lots of fruit trees.  Should be interesting.

We then went and spent a week at Mount Franklin, just north of Glenlyon.  Lovely spot, it’s in the crater of an extinct (hopefully) volcano.  During the week it was fantastic, very quiet – except for people driving in, driving up to the lookout, then driving out again.  No biggie except when they did not slow down!!!

Weekend  however was an entirely different story.  Apparently, Saturday night was a full moon.  Camped just behind us we had a group of about thirty greenies (ferals), celebrating a fortieth birthday.  Just across the road was a slightly smaller group of Chilean “happy clappers”, and just opposite them a group of followers of the “Old Way”.  God help me, they even had two goats!  Don’t want to think about that!  They were gone on Sunday morning though!  The greenies party went until about 2am in the morning – when the drummer got told by his own people to “shut his head”.  Oh well, weekends can be like that.

Sunday morning, back to Glenlyon to start the sit.


We were actually at London Bridge just days before the rock collapsed in 1990.  We walked right out to the point and took photos.  Used to have one of Rick standing at the edge in a diving position!