Sunday, 17 January 2010

Darling Downs, Western Australia 31 Dec 2009 – 17 Jan 2010

OK this is going to be a rather long 17 days.  The weather is hot (35-40degrees), and the house has no air conditioning, and fans only in the bedrooms.  We’ve hooked up the van to power, so we can can run the air-conditioning and keep cool.  I’ve also moved all the computer gear back into the van where we can use it in comfort.  The house is lovely, a large open plan home, but once it gets hot it stays that way until there is a change in the weather.

The dogs can be a bit of a trial.  Individually, they are three lovely dogs.  Masai is a Belgian Shepherd male with a really sweet, slightly shy nature.  However, he is very protective of his property, and has a tendency to bark at almost anything going past on the  road or the bridle path at the rear of the block, and this sets off the other two.  Jessie is a black Kelpie bitch who is a real sook.  And Harley!  What can I say about Harley?  On his own he is gorgeous.  He’s the youngest (about 5) and a cross between a Red Heeler and we think, a Kelpie.  He is smart, protective and thinks he’s boss cocky.  Unfortunately, so does Masai!  Thank the Lord they have both been de-nutted.  All three of these dogs can be very attention demanding (look at me, look at me!!!) and we have to treat them evenly to avoid spats.  Harley and Masai have had a couple so far, and Harley and Jessie really had a go at each other over a bone.  Both Harley and Jessie have had occasion to spend time on the chain (the naughty corner) to think about the error of their ways!  All three dogs are really working dogs, and, we think, get very bored.  They’ve got 5 acres to run around in, but it’s not quite the same as the human attention.  Their ‘Mum & Dad’ both work full time.

Masai Jessie Harley