Sunday, 15 June 2014

Back in Port Augusta, SA

And now we are back!  We've had a week house-sitting in Cowell while waiting for our new fridge (yes NEW!) to arrive.

The news was not good after installation of the new "black box".  Fridge still would not work.  After more phone calls, investigations and swearing (at himself for making the black box assumption), the tech told us that we were up for a new compressor - about $1200 plus labour, gas and all the little bits!

Whilst the tech had been investigating, so had we.  We found a good price on a new Vitrifrigo, same size but updated model and the delivery price wasn't too horrendous.  All up, about $2300 for a new fridge.  So, quick decision - new fridge ordered.  Hence, the trip to Cowell and back.

Tomorrow is installation day and we are both praying that 1) it goes in easily - apparently the door will need removing and 2) that it works.

As far as the house-sit is concerned, it's all good.  More about that later on.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Waiting in Port Augusta

So, now we wait.  We arrived in Port Augusta on Thursday 29 May in time to visit the fridge mechanic who had been recommended by Kedron.  After doing his own checking and prodding of the fridge, his diagnosis was that he was almost certain the problem was the control box.  He would need to order one in, so we arranged for two (just in case!).  Since then we've been involved in cleaning, mending and washing.  Thank the lord I have my own machine, else I would have spent a fortune on the washing machines.
If all goes well, we are hoping to hear from Glen, the fridge mech. today.  Keeping fingers crossed.