Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dunsborough to Fremantle

We’ve been in Fremantle for a week now, after leaving the South West.  We had a lovely time in Dunsborough, looking after Jane & Len’s home and Oscar.  I’m sure the cat has multiple personalities – one day he would be really sweet and affectionate and wanting to spend time indoors with us.  Another day he would be completely stand-offish and treat us like complete strangers.  And then he got picked up by the Council Rangers.  Wasn’t that fun!  When he didn’t come in for breakfast or lunch one day, we got a bit worried.  But when he didn’t arrive for his tea, we got really nervous.  By next morning, with no sign of cat, I was ready to have a nervous breakdown.  Before we rang Jane with the bad news, I decided to ring the Busselton Pound.  After the Ranger checked her list, she came back and said ‘Oh, yes we’ve got him here, he was caught in a cat trap (no hurt, just a square boxy thing).’  THANK GOD!!! Then it turned out that Oscar wasn’t registered.  He actually belongs to Nicole, Jane’s daughter, who lives in Perth.  So, long story short, $130 dollars later, we were able to bring him home.  Talk about upset – that was one very peeved moggy!  He cried for the entire 30km between Busselton and Dunsborough, and refused to go outside for two days.  He was kind of clingy!  Despite the fact that he is completely demented though, both Rick and I missed him quite a bit when we left.

Oscar the demented cat