Tuesday, 27 July 2010

At Last – JRTE Golden Reunion

Woodman Point Caravan Park is 10km south of Fremantle (on the way to Rockingham and Mandurah).  It’s part of the Top Tourist group and owned by Aspen Parks.  We spent three weeks there, and despite the fact that we were busy every day, we still missed out on some of the things that we really wanted to achieve.  Between shopping for the Reunion (most important), service and repairs to the car and the van, visiting and hosting friends and doctors appointments, we spent most of the three weeks running from spot to spot.  We also spent quite a bit of time re-planning where we were going to stay for the reunion.  Initially we had planned on the Central Caravan Park in Ascot, just north of Perth, because it was the closest spot to the Burswood where most of the reunion events were to take place.  Then we found out that the Fremantle Village, about 5km from Woodman Point was owned by an ex-Junior Recruit and he was offering substantial discounts to Reunion attendees.  The fact that buses had been arranged by the Memorial committee also made an impact on our decision to change our booking to Fremantle Village.  A nice spot if a little expensive normally, but we managed to get a good drive-through site  Then we sat back and watched all the ex Junior Recruits roll in.