Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bretti Campground to Cessnock, NSW

First up a few piccies of our travelling home


I will put one of the tug and van  hitched up and ready to go later.
From Sherwood we drove to Bretti campground about 240 kms south and west.  It was a great spot to camp.  No facilities other than a long drop toilet. There was another group also camping and studying the stars at night with  rather large portable telescopes.
There was a large Platypus pond next to our camp spot and it is the first time we have seen platiducks in the wild!! On the second of 3 days we had the whole place to ourselves. Peace and QUIET and great star views at night.  I will have to learn how to take photos of them.  People who live in cities (poor bastards) and don`t go camping have  no idea what they are missing.  The campground had copped a lot of damage during the floods 2 weeks before and as a consequence there was a lot of damage to what little infrastructure there was. A couple of solid metal picnic sets and a dunny were torn out and dumped at the end of the campground,and the track in was torn up a fair bit, but at least the ground was dry.

After spending the weekend at Bretti ,we decided to move on to East Gresford 124 kms down and up and round and round on Walcha Rd. and Bucketts Way via Barrington and Gloucester.  Great scenery all around that way. We arrived at East Gresford and chose to stay at the Showgrounds for a couple of days to catch up on washing etc. There is a woodcarvers place in town which we had a look at.  A couple of nice pieces, but the rest of the place looked like the city tip, and there was not a soul there. (Strange).


I  gave Tony H. a ring as they had invited us to stay on there property for a couple of days in Congewai (no, really!).We spent a night in Cessnock caravan park on the way there after a 66kms drive (such a long day??).  It was an over-priced, very ordinary place with daggy dunnies and facilities.  But believe it or not they were installing a fancy brick and stainless steel pizza oven and a bloody bouncy castle!!??  As they say (Go figure!!).  But Big 4 should check the place out!!  $35 a night - ripoff!!