Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Come on a little tour with us around our house-sit!

A drive around the local state forest roads - Blue Knob Lookout

And now some clips from around the property


Tamworth, Rocks Crossing, Little Plains and Elands


We had a three week house-sit at Tamworth – covering Easter thank heavens, and keeping us off the roads.  We were there to look after two indoor cats – both middle-aged, and both with very distinct characters.  They are lovely cats and we enjoyed looking after them.  Binky is the eldest at 16, and just loves her sleep, whereas Bianca is just a little younger and, surprisingly, has one blue eye and one green eye.  Quite startling at first.




Leaving Tamworth, we spent a few days at Rocks Crossing, a free camp on Nowendoc Road, near Mount George.  It is a beautiful spot and very nicely kept.  We had good weather and very much enjoyed the place.  Not much in the way of traffic, and I think we’ll keep it in mind if we go back that way.  Has rubbish bins and a Porta-Loo, but no phone or internet signal.



Cheeky little beggar - ended up hopping onto Rick's foot - to close to get a decent photo!

We then spent a night at Taree Showgrounds to catch up with emails etc. before heading up into the mountains.
The drive through Wingham and then up to Elands is just lovely.  The country is very green after recent heavy rains but the bypass road (Marlee Bridge was closed for replacement on the main road) was OK to travel, if a bit narrow and windy.  Rick just took it slow and easy, and although we startled some oncoming traffic, we reached the township of Elands with no problems.


Checking local information, we camped overnight at Little Plains Recreation Ground which is just west of Ellenborough Falls.  It’s an interesting ‘campground’.  As you can see from the photos, it looks distinctly unused.  We found out later that it is only used every 2nd year for the local Camp-draft competition.

Rick used the tug as a grass flattener

Long grass - but it's quiet and really peaceful

We had intended to stay there 3-4 days, but the local bush telegraph got to work, and we had only just finished setting up for the night when Allan, our client, arrived to welcome us.  He took Rick back up to the house (just so we’d know which turn-offs to take), and by the time they got back, they had decided we would move along to the property the following day.

ELANDS (house-sit)

And here we are!!  The property is 300 acres, set amidst rolling hills covered with both pasture and state forest.  Allan & Colleen do not run any stock or have pets, but the wallabies sometimes come up to the house for happy hour, and get fed a couple of Weet-Bix.  We are here for 7 weeks, and are hoping to avoid going into ‘town’ (Taree) more than once over that time.  There are veggies in the garden (squash, rhubarb, chillies, carrots and potatoes), fruit on the trees (old fashioned Persimmons, with oranges, lemons, limes coming on) and a bread-maker.  What else do we need???  Oh yes – we’ve got love too!!!!!

Red heart
Unique way to camouflage the water tank - lots of succulents

The orchard

View from the back of the house

View from the front of the van

Our camp-spot

Front driveway

Neighbours cutting firewood for the winter

Neighbours cutting firewood for the winter