Tuesday, 28 May 2013

2013 May in Elands, NSW

May has been a hell of a month this year!  Without dwelling on the problems, my Dad had several falls and ended up in hospital.  We drove from here to Brisbane and back in the space of four days, both to see him, and to help Denise who was struggling to pack for a move of house – Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

We had no sooner gotten over that when we received news that a good friend had taken his own life.  Very tragic and very upsetting for all concerned.

And then – the topper – last Wednesday, arriving back from our three weekly shop in Taree, I stumbled on the edge of a wheel rut.  My foot went one way, ankle the other and inevitably, I ended up on the ground.  Frightened the daylights out of Rick, but his first-aid instincts came to the fore and he whisked (OK whisked is entirely the wrong word!) me inside and got an ice-pack straight on my ankle.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t put any weight down on my foot at all without a lot of yelping and swearing, so following morning it was back into Taree to the Emergency department and X-Rays.  Results – a break in the bottom part of the ankle bone.  Not a bad one in the greater scheme of things, but enough to keep me in a cast, with crutches and unable to use the foot, for 4 – 6 weeks.
Still, I’m learning to use the crutches, and getting around albeit much more slowly.

Yesterday was lovely and sunny after a few wet and miserable days, so we headed out for a drive to Ellenborough Falls and the Rapids – just to alleviate incipient cabin fever.  Lovely drive and lovely morning.

Sunset across the valley from the house

Full moon - May 2013

Local wallabies

Local wallabies

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSWEllenborough Falls, Elands, NSW

Ellenborough Falls, Elands, NSW

Top of Ellenborough Falls

Top of Ellenborough Falls

Back up the steps !!

Ant mound against tree

Ellenborough River rapids, Elands, NSW

Pool @ bottom of The Rapids Ellenborough River, NSW

View from Rapids Road, Elands, NSW