Friday, 28 March 2014

Elands, House-sit February – March 2014


View from house across the old milking shed to the forest


State forest


Sunset effects with showery weather


If the little one gets any bigger, she wont fit!


Gus the Goanna (annoying the birds)


He went straight up the nearest tree when Rick arrived with the camera


Gertrude the Goanna (different colours!) - very interested in the BBQ remains


She can certainly "smell" something interesting


View up the driveway past the old pine trees

Native bees having a feed.

We don't know what the flowers are, but the native bees just love them!


Green grass and blue sky - just a beautiful day


And here's our little camp spot


  The weird device on some of the fungi is a van "bubble" level - just for size comparison.          _IGP7501 _IGP7504 _IGP7508


Lazy, relaxing morning

And now for the nose results 

2 days after surgery to remove a large BCC from the tip of my nose - 28 stitches to put it back together again afterwards


3 weeks after surgery the results are just amazing.  The doctors and staff at The Skin and Cancer Foundation at Westmead in Sydney were just fantastic.  I can highly recommend the expertise and helpfulness, but have no intention of repeating the procedure ever again.