Friday, 18 July 2014

June - July 2014 House-sitting at Minbrie, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Minbrie is a quiet farming locality about 20kms north-west of Cowell on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.  Cowell is well known for the quality of its fresh oysters as well as a number of producing jade outcrops in the area.   More information at District Council of Franklin Harbour - Cowell.

The property we are looking after is owned by Bill and Kerry and we are living in their home, which is a renovated old farm-house made of the local stone.  They've done a lovely job with the reno, and the house is comfortable and snug.

The Eyre Peninsula is nice and green through the winter, but come summer it can be a dry and dusty spot.  Bill and Kerry's property is nestled in the Minbrie Range in a small valley and is sheltered from the worst of the winds - and boy, does it blow!  We've had several low pressure areas pass by, and sometimes feel like all the roofs are about to blow off.  But we've had no problems at all, Bill has obviously made sure that everything is secure, and even the chooks are safe and secure.  We have plenty of rain-water, as well as bore-water for the veggie garden.  Wht more can a person want?

We will be here until about 6 September before we head off for parts unknown.  Still in SA, but as yet have made no serious decisions as to where.  After the trials and tribulations of getting the van fixed (and cost!) we are in head down and saving mode, but it's all going well.

HMAS Whyalla - built in Whyalla and named after Whyalla

Bill and Kerry's rig - ready to hit the road

Front view of the renovated farm-house

The property and house from up the hill

The property and house from up the hill

Our across the road neighbours

Red - posing like a movie star

Our lovely little egg-layers

Outside entertainment area - with camp fire, combustion stove, BBQ - everything one needs for a civilised camp