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2014 KOG Corner Country Trip

Day 0 - 11 Kedrons @ Tibooburra, NSW

All ready to hit the road


Granites C.P.

Day 1 - Tibooburra to Cameron Corner

Day 1 Wood stop ,Tibooburra to Camerons corner.
Stopped for equipment check and coffee

Grant and his chainsaw
Not to mention the obligatory fire-wood gathering

Camerons Corner Camp
Impressive sight on the road

Settled in @ Cameron Corner
The importance of Cameron Corner

The importance of Cameron Corner

The importance of Cameron Corner

Desert Country

And here we had the Cane-toads versus the Cockroaches (State of Origin Rugby League for the un-initiated)

Sun setting on a Koggle of Kedrons

Day 2 - 3 Innamincka, SA

on the banks of the Cooper Creek for 2 nights - good chance to try to clean up some of the dust

Cooper Ck. Inamincka
Cooper Creek - a reasonable amount of water

Tug @ Innaminka
Cooper Creek

Cooper Ck. innaminka
Cooper Creek

Corner Country trip. Innamincka Common CG. 2014.
Kedrons camped on the Innamincka Town Common

Day 4 Innamincka to Haddon Corner

The original plan was to drive to Birdsville via the Cordillo Downs Road, but due to some overnight rain north of Innamincka, the decision was made to take the slightly longer road through Haddon Corner.

Coffee stop
Nobody mentioned the sandhill!!

No problems - easy peasy

Woops - 2 sand-hills

Made it!

Sunset over the desert

Rainbow Serpent east of Birdsville

Very handy wee stop!
In Birdsville we discovered that not only did we have some internal cupboard damage from previous days, we also had a dead fridge.  Rick, Gordon and Nev spent some time testing and prodding the fridge to no avail.  Gordon has had experience of this kind of stoppage with the Vitrifrigo compressor fridge and suggested that the electronic control box was the culprit.  Possibly it was, but no-one in Birdsville was going to be able to install a new box.
By this stage, our fridge and frozen goods had been distributed between our own Engel, and a number of other van owners.  The fridge itself was sealed to the gunnels with gaffer tape (oh! and we discovered at the same time that the hinge holding the top and bottom doors to the fridge had also come adrift).  To say that the levels of stress in our little home were reaching critical mark was putting it mildly.
Long story short - despite the fact that we were enjoying the company of the other Kedron owners, we weren't really enjoying the travel all that much - too far and too fast for the conditions in our humble opinion.  Hence our decision to remove ourselves from the convoy at Mungerannie and head directly for Port Augusta to get the fridge fixed and the van cleaned.  Definitely made the right decision and we felt better just for making it.
Friends Gordon and Chris decided they would not let us travel alone on such remote roads and kept us company until we reached Lyndhurst.  Their company and friendship was a god-send and gave us a huge boost emotionally.  At that point, they returned to catch the convoy at Coward Springs.  At the time of writing we have not heard how that went.

Lake Harry on the Birdsville Track

These are the remnants of a failed date-farming venture

Lake Harry ruins




Gorden & Chris @ Lake Harry Date farm ruins.

Maree, SA

Marree SA

Flinder Ranges, SA

So green, this is an amazing sight

Northern Flinders SA

Flinders Ranges SA

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